In the heat of noon my brother
you ride in from the east
I from the west.

We know each other by the glint of eye.
We know each other by the scarred line of jaw.
We know each other by the ragged soul.

from Thirst

Careening down the cliffside like a burst of laughter
a swallow wheels against the sun
glints purple
swoops outward and is gone
and you hold your breath until he reappears
an insect in his beak
and dips to the nest
and then again flies free
(and I take you beautifully in my arms and I touch you everywhere
and I open all my windows to you
and I hold to your lips my song).

from The Cockmonster Comes a-Courting

but ah his soul
his soul flies straight into the hands of God
and God for a moment pauses to contemplate the
reek of its scent and the colors of its glow and
the timbre of its song
then gulps it down like an oyster and oh damn
it tastes so good!

from What is it that Pleases the Maker

The land grows sere, the shadows long, the herd sparse.
He crouches on the ridge, the muzzle grey, the forepaw lame.
He eyes the stragglers.  He singles out the plumpest.
His fangs drip.  He waits.

from Wilderness