I, Jack, am the Knave of Hearts

a play for actor and audience

The stage is empty and the audience seated, and you are in that audience.  Suppose now a man appears on stage and in his hand is a sword.  Suppose the man has no idea where or even who he is, but the sight of the audience fills him with emotion and wakens distant shreds of memory.  Suppose the man is a great sinner who has escaped his place of punishment and is most likely not safe.  Suppose he casts a spell, and his experience and yours begin to fuse.

What then?

“Are you truly flesh?  Are you flesh and spirit all poured together and the blood flowing and the eyes aflame?  And mine too, breathing, warm, scarred, and so damned full of passion?  Well, by damn, we live, don’t we?  We live.”

I Jack image
Don Juan in Hell by Norman Lindsay